How does Finder determine location?
Finder location is automatic using GPS or LBS triangulation or WiFi when inside
Can there be more than one Caregiver?
As Caregiver1, you can add 2 additional Caregivers to receive SOS calls and perform all the other actions with the Finder.
What App is used with the Finder?
The 911Finder App is available for either iOS or Android smartphones. 911Finder App is free.
How do I know if my loved one travels too far?
You can set SafeZones in 3 different locations. Finder sends alerts to each of the Caregivers if your loved one goes out of a SafeZone
What happens if my loved one has an emergency?
If your loved one has an emergency, they press the Finder button for 3 seconds and Finder calls you. If you don't answer, Finder sequences to Caregiver2 and Caregiver3, then repeats.
What happens if my loved one falls and passes out?
If your loved one falls, Finder automatically calls each Caregiver in a sequence. So even if your loved one is unconscious, Caregivers are alerted. Caregivers can also adjust fall detector sensitivity.
If my loved one has an emergency, what do I do?
If your loved one has an emergency, you tap on the special 911CALL icon on the App and the Finder makes a 3-way call so you can explain to the 911-Operator located nearest to your loved one. Finder provides real-time GPS location, to help First Responders get to the wearer quickly.
Is there a way to measure my loved one's heartbeat?
Finder can measure and store your loved one's blood pressure, heartbeat, and oxygen saturation levels.
Is there a way to let me send a message to my loved one?
App lets you record a short chat message and Finder speaks your message. Also, your loved one can record and send their message on the Finder and the App speaks their message.
How can I remind my loved one to take their meds?
You can have the App record your voice to remind your loved one about the day and time for them to take their meds. Finder will automatically play your recording at the preset day and time.
Is there a way to see where my loved one has traveled?
App History can show you the Finder location trace for each day for the past 90 days.
Does the Finder measure step count?
App lets you enable the pedometer step count, distance, calories, and sleep turn over times. App stores these measurements and you can review by entering the date.
Can your loved one call friends other than their Caregivers?
App lets you add up to 30 friends in the phone book with name, photo, and phone number. App sends to the Finder. Your loved one can select a friend and call them.
Is the Finder clock digital?
Finder lets you choose Analog Clock or Digital Clock
Can the Finder be worn in the shower?
Finder can be worn in the shower and can be submerged in shallow water.
What does the 911Finder cost?
911Finder watch costs $249 that includes the watch and the first year of the 911Finder cellular service plan. There is a one-time activation fee of $15 per watch. Shipping in the U.S. is free. If your order is for more than one watch, each watch is $219 including the first year of the 911Finder cellular service plan. After the first year, you will be billed $15 per month for the 911Finder cellular service plan. There is no long-term contract for the plan and you can cancel your monthly service at any time.
What do I have to do to activate the 911Finder cellular service plan
911Finder watches come with an internal SIM that provides a special cellular service plan. To activate the Finder, you log into MyFinder, enter the Finder serial number. MyFinder automatically activates your plan and provides you the private phone number for your Finder. Then you install the 911Finder App in your phone and register with the 911Finder serial number.
Can I use my network carrier for the cellular service?
Finder only works with the special cellular service that comes with your Finder. The service plan includes 250 talk-time minutes per year with unlimited data and text. If you find that you need additional talk-time, please contact 911Finder Customer Service.
How can I check cellular coverage in my area
Finder watch operates on the 4G/LTE cellular network. Please review our Coverage Map and enter your address to check coverage for your area.
Does Finder work in different countries?
Currently, 911Finder is only activated for use in the U.S. However, plans are to expand to other countries. Let us know if you have suggestions.
What is the Return/Refund policy?
If you are not completely satisfied with your 911Finder, you may return the device within 30 days from the date of purchase for a full refund, subject to the terms and conditions stated in the 911Finder Return Policy.
What is the Warranty?
911Finder limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in your 911Finder watch for one year from the date of purchase. 911Finder, at its sole election, will repair your device or will replace your device with a new or refurbished unit. Devices replaced under this warranty become the property of 911Finder. Replacement devices are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days or the remainder of the Limited Warranty whichever is longer.